Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hello everyone!

With the start of the new year, I thought I would start blogging again about my biking adventures, and life in general.

I kept a blog last summer with my solo bike-packing trip from Washington DC to Pittsburgh. I want to leave that blog as a guide to anyone who wants to learn more about the Great Allegheny Passage and the C&O Towpath. If you are interested in that journey, you can check out that blog at:

So, a bit about me. I just turned 52, and I learned to love biking a couple of years ago after a running injury has more or less ended my running career. I've done a few bike rides, to include the Great Allegheny Passage from Cumberland to Pittsburgh with a Boy Scout Troop, the solo bike-packing trip from DC to Pittsburgh last summer, and Lorie's Lakeside Century last fall in Chesterton, IN.

I'm blessed with a job that allows me a great deal of flexibility - I'm an Associate Professor of Organization and Management at the University of Saint Francis (USF)  in Fort Wayne, IN. While I am not "off" for the summer, I have a very flexible schedule that allows me to do a good deal of biking.

While not on the bike or at work, I'm involved with the Boy Scouts of America as an Assistant Scoutmaster for a local troop, and of family. I've been married to my eternal sweetheart for over 26 years, and we have 7 children. While 2 of our children are out of the house, we still have 5 who are home, although 1 of those children goes to USF. So it is still busy at my house.

OK about biking. After my century ride in September, my training fell apart. I had a very busy semester, and I did not do a good time of managing my time to work in my training. As a result, my weight went up to 248, which is the heaviest I've ever been. So I'm dieting, and resolving to be very protective of my training time, to the point of placing my training on my Outlook Calendar at work.

I've been working out regularly at Planet Fitness, with 3 days on the exercise bike, and 3 days with the "30-minute workout." Right now I'm up to riding 46 minutes on the exercise bike, so I'm working my way back. I've also shed off almost 10 pounds since the beginning of the year as well.

Since I tend to work better with goals - here is my 2017 biking schedule:

May: Great Allegheny Passage from Cumberland to Pittsburgh (3 day trip)

June: Tour de Detroit Century Ride

July: RAIN (Ride Across Indiana)

September: Lorie's Lakeside Century

November: Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen

It's going to be aggressive.

So, I'll keep people up to date as I move forward, as a 52 year old man tries to get back in shape and have a great biking summer. Thanks for reading!


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