Sunday, January 22, 2017

Just another week in January

First off, I'll get some stuff out of the way. I had a good week on the exercise bike, biking 10 miles on Monday, with 11 mile rides on Wednesday and Friday. However, I did not have a good week on the completing the 30-minute circuit only 1 day (Tuesday). On Thursday, I took my daughter to the BMV for her driver's test (she passed!) and Saturday I spent my day with the Boy Scouts, spending the day at the Klondike Derby, with temperatures in the mid 50's!

I love scouting! My two oldest sons are Eagle Scouts, and my youngest son is a Cub Scout. In a little over a year, he will cross-over to Boy Scouts, and I'm so looking forward to it. Of course, any scout outing means good eating, and last night, I had a HUGE grilled steak. I thought I was eating the side of a cow...and it was GOOD!. Bottom line, I picked up a pound last week (239.4). However, the good news is that I'm still down 8.8 pounds from the beginning of the year, and I'll take that. My goals are:

  • May 14 (for Great Allegheny Passage Ride) - 231 pounds
  • September 10 (for Lorie's Lakeside Century) - 214 pounds
  • November 26 (for Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen) - 203 pounds 

So for this week, I plan to get to Planet Fitness 6 days, and keep on the exercise bike for three days, and get back to the 30-minute circuit  workout for three days. Once I hit one hour on the exercise bike, I'll start doing some interval work on the bike to work on some speed. I'm also looking forward to May and another ride on the Great Allegheny Passage with friends!

Until next week!


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