Sunday, February 19, 2017

It's Sunny and Warm in Indiana (IN FEBRUARY) :-)

It's February 19, and I had the opportunity to ride outside three days because we had some nice weather!

I'm fortunate because I can bike to work. If I bike to the University of Saint Francis downtown campus (where I work), it's about a 15 minute ride. From downtown to our main campus, it's about a 10 minute ride. On Tuesday and Friday I rode the bike to work, and then went for rides afterwards. My total mileage on Tuesday was 17 miles, and on Friday 20 miles.

The picture of me in the bright clothes was prior to my Saturday ride. The temperatures were in the 60's, so it's time to break out the shorts. I went on a 21 mile ride out and about the Fort Wayne River Greenway, and it felt great! It's supposed to stay warm through Friday, so there will be a couple more outdoor rides this month!

The scale weight shows my weight on Sunday. At the first of the year, I weighed 248 pounds, so that's 13.4 pounds since January 1. I need to take off some serious weight with the biking schedule I have this summer.

  • Great Allegheny Passage in May
  • Tour de Detroit Century Ride - June
  • 2 Rivers on 2 Wheels Century Ride - June
  • RAIN Ride (Ride Across Indiana) - July
  • Lorie's Lakeside Century - September

If I can get down to 220 for the century rides, that would be super. The goal is to be under 200 by the beginning of 2018. That's an average of about a pound a week.

Here's to the weather staying warm for a few more days!


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