Sunday, May 14, 2017


I've been waiting for this week for a long time. On Tuesday night I will head to Waterloo, IN, put my bike on the Amtrak Capitol Limited, and take an overnight trip to Cumberland, MD. After a pre-ride on the C&O Towpath on Wednesday, I am riding with family and friends on a 150 mile ride from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, where we will finish at Point State Park.

I am so excited to go!

This week was a great week of riding. I rode 152 miles this week, including an 82 mile ride on Saturday. My ride on Saturday was awesome. I averaged 12.2 MPH on the ride. To compare, I rode 73 miles the previous week, and only averaged 11.6 MPH. So I'm picking up speed and endurance.

I'm also getting better on the group rides as well on Tuesdays. I did a good deal of pulling the D group on our Kreager Park Ride. I averaged 13.1 MPH on the Tuesday rides.

In three weeks I am going to ride in the Tour de Cure ride for the American Diabetes Association in Detroit. I planned to ride the Century, but after reviewing the recommended speeds for the Century (15 MPH), I decided to drop to the 64 mile ride. The recommended MPH for this ride is 12 MPH, which is well within my ability. I'm hoping to get in with a good group and have a great ride.

I will take lots of pictures while riding the GAP! Thanks for following my blog!


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