Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 weight loss...21.4 pounds!

Weight loss chart from January 1 to  May 7
One of my fitness goals for 2017 is to lose weight. I started the year at 248 pounds. I keep a chart in the bathroom where I track my weight; Sunday morning is my weigh-in day. My goal for 2017 is to be less than 200 pounds. That's an average of about a pound a week. Along the way, I have intermediate goals set up as well.

One of my intermediate goals is to be at 231 pounds on May 14. I selected that day because that is the week I am leaving to ride the Great Allegheny Passage. I'm hoping of course, that the less I weigh, the easier the biking will be.

This week, I weighted in at 226.6! So far, so good!My next intermediate goal is to hit 214 pounds on September 10, which is the week I plan to ride in Lorie's Lakeside Century. Summer will hopefully bring more miles on the bike, which means (hopefully) more pounds shed!

I've mentioned in previous blog postings that I joined 3 Rivers Velo Sport, which is the local bike club in Fort Wayne. I love riding on the Tuesday night rides. Although the rides have been a bit chilly and windy (welcome to Indiana), I've enjoyed riding with other people and learning how to ride in a paceline. The challenges I have is that I'm still working on riding in the wind, and while my fellow riders have road bikes, I ride on a hybrid. My bike is heavier...therefore more work, especially while riding into the wind.

Speaking of rides, after commencement ceremonies at the University of Saint Francis on Saturday, I went on a long Saturday night ride. I had originally planned to ride long on Friday, but we had nasty rain and winds on Thursday and Friday morning. I don't mind riding in weather, but high winds AND rain is a bit much. Although it was a bit windy, I put in my long ride of the year - 73.2 miles: 

I'm also excited to report that I have reached my goal of raising $200 for the American Diabetes Association for the Detroit Tour deCure ride in June. Very excited for that ride, and to be helping out a great cause! Looking forward to my first century of the year! Although I've reached my goal, you can still donate to a great cause; here's the link:

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm amazed at the number of people who want to keep up on the adventures of a 50+ year old who is trying to lose weight!


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