Sunday, July 16, 2017

Back on the bike - and on to the next goal...

September 15, 2017 - Lorie's Lakeside Century.

I've been cleared to ride and have been on the bike for a couple of weeks now. The shoulder and wrist are still a bit sore from time to time, but that's just going to take time. Meanwhile, it's time to start riding again.

I rode for 35 miles on Saturday. Overall, I felt good. I averaged just under 12 MPH for the ride, which is good considering a good bit of my ride was in the City of Fort Wayne where I had to stop a bit. Afterwards, my thighs were a bit stiff, but overall, I felt good. I plan to put in some miles this week, and then after spending the last week of July in a canoe with Boy Scouts, I can put in 7 solid weeks of training. I feel good about the ride, and I'm excited that one of my GAP ride buddies has decided to ride Lorie's also. (Note - I did not say she is going to ride WITH ME, as I expect she will ride at a much faster pace than I will...but it's all good!) :-)

This week I plan to have good rides on Tuesday with Three Rivers Velo Sport, and a speed workout on Thursday. There's a section of the St. Mary's Pathway just south of Foster Park that is an old road, that I can let loose a bit and not worry about traffic. I plan to start working on some speed as I get ready for the ride.

Again, thanks to everyone who encouraged me while I was recovering. I wanted to ride RAIN this year (it was yesterday); but it's ok. Congrats to many of my fellow 3RVS members who had a great ride yesterday in RAIN!

Now that I'm riding again...I'll have incentive to keep my blog up to date. Thanks for reading!


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