Sunday, August 6, 2017

Canoeing, biking, and other random stuff...

It has been a great two weeks!

The last week of July, I spent a week in the Allegheny National Forest. I'm the Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 34, and our troop spend three days on the Allegheny River. As you can see from the picture above, it is a beautiful river. We had a great three day trip, covering 45 miles on the river.

We saw a great deal of wildlife. Fish jumping out of the water, bald eagles flying, and the scenery! The Allegheny River is a great novice river. There are a couple of class I rapids, but overall it's very calm. The river is also designated a wild and scenic river, which means that it's basically untouched. I'd love to come back up here and do a trip, and as much as I love Boy Scouts, to have an adult trip... :-)

A couple of shout outs...

1. Piper and her crew at Allegheny Outfitters in Warren, PA are just fantastic. They took care of our troop, gave us a great update on river conditions, and were very prompt with our pickup time. Here's the website:

2. Pizza and Ice Cream - there is only one place to go in the Allegheny National Forest...and that's Bob's Trading Post. Great Pizza, and HUGE portions of Ice Cream!

After my trip, it was time to get back on the bike.

I had an easy ride on Saturday July 29 as I was still recovering from my canoe trip. But this past week was a good (but interesting) week on the bike.

My total mileage was 114 miles. Yesterday I had my long ride post injury (43.9 miles) and I rode 114 for the week. Had a great "E" ride with the gang from Three Rivers Velo Sport on Tuesday as well. It's nice riding with people. In a couple weeks, I'm going to try to step up to the D group on Tuesday...we'll see.

I also had an interesting ride on Thursday. I like riding the St. Mary's Greenway, and was on a ride on Thursday when a few riders were stopping traffic. Apparently a rider witnessed two men chasing each other with shots fired. The police came, and I had to take a detour on my ride. Interesting to say the least...

The coming week is shaping up to be a good week. Going to ride 50 - 55 miles on Saturday and work in a couple of other rides as I gear up for Lorie's Lakeside Century. One of my friends from the Tour de Friends riding group is going to ride also. We haven't seen each other since we rode in May, and I'm looking forward to getting together again.

Until next week...


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