Sunday, March 12, 2017

Just another week in Indiana

OK, so the picture has nothing to do with Indiana. This is a picture from the Sailsbury Viaduct, taken when I rode solo from DC to Pittsburgh last year. In just a little over two months, I'll be back on the Great Allegheny Passage once again!

It's March in Indiana, so as a result, the weather is in a state of flux. Between, winds, work, and a cold Saturday, all of my rides were at Planet Fitness last week. I did ride 67 miles on the exercise bike, including 30 on Saturday. The Saturday ride on the exercise bike wasn't as dreary as I thought, mainly due to watching two NCAA basketball games on the big screen while biking, while the Pandora Iron Maiden station was playing on my smartphone! With more cold and snow (yes snow) in the forecast for the coming week, it looks like Planet Fitness is in the future for a few more days.

In an effort to get ready for my long rides this summer, I'm starting speed training as well. I've done two speed workouts on the exercise bike in the past two weeks. When I rode my century last year, I averaged 13.13 MPH. Want to get that up to about 15 MPH for the coming year.

Oh, this week is Spring Break! I'm looking forward to a week off of work!

I put on 0.4 pounds last week.

I should celebrate losing 14.8 pounds this year, but I need to be more disciplined about my eating... :-)

Until next week...


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