Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring has arrived!

Yes, Spring has arrived - and it's about time!

Overall, it was a good week to ride. I rode four times last week. Two of those rides were outside, and two were at Planet Fitness, including my weekly interval workout. Yesterday was my first long outdoor ride, as you can see above.

I did an out and back from my house in Fort Wayne to Columbia City. Columbia City is west of Fort Wayne. Usually when I do an out and back to Columbia City, I know that since the prevailing winds are usually are from the west, I'll have tailwinds coming home. Well...that was not the case yesterday. The winds were 15 - 20 MPH from the east yesterday. So while that meant smooth riding on the way to Columbia City, it was challenging on the way back. Oh, did I mention that for most of the way back, it rained? I'm glad I packed a windbreaker to wear on the way back, because I needed it for sure. When I got back, my hands were cold (I wore cycling gloves with the fingers exposed), and my feet were wet, but other than that I felt good. No soreness this morning either, which is a good sign.

Next weekend I'll get to do some riding in Chicago. I'm going to be in Chicago for a professional conference from Thursday evening until Tuesday, and I plan to take my bike. I enjoy riding the lakefront trail in Chicago, and plan to have a nice long ride on it on Saturday. I'll also get to visit with my niece and nephew, along with their two adorable children while I'm there.

I'll close my blog entry today with a request. On June 3, I'm riding the Metro Detroit Tour deCure Century Ride for the American Diabetes Association. My goal is to raise $200, and right now, I'm at 45% of my goal. If you can, please make a donation. Here's the link to my fundraising page:

Have a great week - and I'll update my blog from the Windy City next week!


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