Sunday, March 19, 2017

Welcome my the machine...

83 miles of biking this week, and 73 miles of it...was on this...the machine! :-)

Included on my exercise bike rides was a 35 mile ride on Friday. We had another week of Indiana March Weather, which included snow, sleet, and freezing rain. However, I am cautiously optimistic that I'll get to do some riding outside this week. To ensure that I do some outside riding, I just invested in a pair of shoe covers which should arrive the coming week. I plan to do a 40 mile ride on Saturday and there is rain in the forecast. We'll try out the shoe covers if the weather forecast holds up; I want to start "going long" outside. My Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) ride is a little over eight weeks away. I feel pretty good that if I "had to" I could complete the ride now, but I want to complete the ride in comfort - and more importantly, have a good base for the summer riding season. When I rode in Lorie's Lakeside Century in September 2016, my average speed as 13.13 MPH. I'd like to significantly improve on that this summer!

It is also helping my training that my weight is going down. I weighed in this morning at 228.4. In 11 weeks, I've lost 19.6 pounds...and I've hit my first goal weight. My first goal weight was 231 pounds on May 14, the week I'm going to ride the GAP (week 19 of my diet). This goal is based on losing a pound a week in 2017. I met my first goal eight weeks ahead of schedule. The next goal weight is 214 pounds on week 36 (September 10). That's the week of Lorie's Lakeside Century. When I get my weight down, I'll be flying on the bike!

As we go into April, I plan to investigate the local bicycle club, Three Rivers Velo Sport. I want to push myself, and riding with others is a good way to do that. Their group rides begin in April.

Hopefully when I update the blog next week, there will be more outdoor rides than rides "on the machine" as we enter into Spring! Thanks for taking time to read my blog!


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