Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spring Bike Tune-up, chilly rides, and other ramblings

Last week, I dropped off my bike at Summit City Bicycles and Fitness for the Spring Tune-Up. When I dropped it off, the mechanic told me that many things were worn out. Let's just say I'm glad I dropped it off during the pre-spring sale :-)

  • New Shift Cables
  • New Brake Cables
  • New Brake Pads
  • New Freewheel
  • New Chain
  • New Front Derralier
  • New Rear Derrailer
  • New Pedals and Clips
  • And new nuts for my water bottle to replace the ones I stripped and had a bungee cord holding together.
In essence,  other than the rims, tires, and frames, I have a reconditioned bike...and it rides great! 😊

The past week was a chilly week in Fort Wayne. Snow flurries, windy, etc. While I rode three days at Planet Fitness on the exercise bike, I wanted to take my bike out a ride. So on Saturday I bundled up (From toes to head: Wool Socks, compression sleeves, long underwear bottoms, biking shorts, three long shirts including a 50/50 wool/cotton shirt, a scarf, hat, and winter gloves!)

 When I left on Saturday, the temperature was 30 degrees, and with the wind, it felt like 20. I also had tailwinds at my back on my out and back ride, which meant it was a little chilly coming back. Despite that, I went out and had my long ride of 2017!

Things are looking good for getting my mileage base up for this summer. My Great Allegheny Passage ride is just a little over nine weeks away, and after that I'll be gearing up to ride the RAIN Ride (Ride Across Indiana) in July. So there's going to be a good deal of riding in the future - and hopefully warmer weather too!

And on a final note...

Down 15.2 pounds since the beginning of the year!

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